Mr Green Jeans

FloBeds Green Mattress
it's for you...
it's for the whole world!

(Organic Cotton & EcoWool on top,
Sustainably harvested natural latex inside)


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Give a FloBeds gift of comfort and sleep.

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Because FloBeds understands this, we’ve developed a mattress “for you”, that promises a better night’s sleep by respecting the things that are different in your body.

It’s a mattress that comfortably and intuitively recognizes the difference between straight lines and curves.

People are built differently...
their mattresses should be too.

your mattress:  this side is just right

Newsweek: Goldilocks Was Right

Let us make your bed just right for you.

good nights sleep
The sleep team at FloBeds tailors your mattress so that it is firm enough to support your bone structure, but soft enough to conform to the contour of your hips. We also customize for your height, weight and sleep position preferences: side, back, or front.

Using combinations of stackable natural latex layers, memory foam and air — wrapped with organic cotton bedding material — your mattress becomes your own personal sleep signature. Use our "Go Make Bed" c

We even custom design special zones in your mattress to accommodate for sensitive or sore areas, such as your neck, shoulders or back. Once you’ve picked a bed, we ship to you, and it arrives within a week. But that’s not the end. We’ll work with you to fine tune your new mattress.

Sharing your bed? No problem. FloBeds unique construction incorporates stackable natural latex layers on each side of the bed, ranging from soft to firm, that are layered to achieve individualized comfort and support. This means that, if you’re sharing your bed, layers can be rearranged to change the firmness for each sleeper.


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FloBeds Case Study

Watch a 2 minute movie of
how we make a mattress just for you!

100% Talalay Latex with Organic Cotton Cover quilted to Pure Mt. Shasta Wool

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