Free For Lovers - Foundation, Legs, Pillows & Wool Mattress Protector

Won't you be my valentine?
Derived from the rubber tree, natural latex has qualities that simply make it the PERFECT Natural Mattress MATERIAL.

Organic Cotton where it counts most...next to your body. You spend all day in a harsh world. Retreat to a natural bed covered with organic cotton for a true safe haven.

Nature's best bedding fiber, Plein-Air WoolŽ is the term used for wool that comes from... well, happy sheep that live outside all year round and aren't exposed to pesticides or herbicides. Not surprisingly, wool from sheep raised in this humane manner is superior in resilience, bounce & loft.      
Won't you be my Valentine
Add a free foundation.  After all, every good relationship starts with a strong foundation. 
Pine Slat FoundationEuroSlat FoundationKing Size
Pine Slat - save $579 
Euro Slat - save $629 

Queen Size
Pine Slat - save $479 
Euro Slat - save $529 
I'll Be Strong
Sturdy Solid Wood Legs to stand on (stand by me;)

Queen or King Size
-------Tapered - sale price $00 -- save $129  
-------Shaped  - sale price $39 -- save $129 
Top your FloBed with a cozy cotton & wool washable mattress protector!
Cotton & Wool Mattress Pad  

King Size
-----------Tapered - sale price $00 -- save $189  

Queen Size
-----------Shaped  - sale price $00 -- save $159 

Our Natural Latex Twice Fluffed Pillows are put through the shredder twice to give them optimum loft. Shape them for your sleeping position: higher for your side, neck support when on your back. With two zippered covers (an inner organic sateen cotton and an outer organic Euro-stretch-knit). And, most important of all... our Twice Fluffed Pillows are adjustable: simply open the cover and remove until your pillow is Just Right.

King Size
sale price $00 -- save $278   

Queen Size
sale price $00 -- save $258 
and a Perfect Fit!

King Size  save $1,225    
Lovers get it for Free
Queen Size  save $1,075 
Dear Dave,

Please be our valentine... and to show how you make our heart go thumpty-thump, we've put everything we could into this 100% Natural FloBed so you will feel good and supported every night.

Dave Turner
ps  We'll be your valentine if you tell a friend about this special... cc or bcc us and we'll enter your name in a drawing for a free set of 100% Cotton 300TC DreamFit sheets.  And, if your friend buys... you both get a free set!  Ain't that sweet? 
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 Free For Lovers - Foundation, Legs, Pillows & Wool Mattress Protector

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